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About Us

Wu Mountain Tea is a part of the Red Mountain Imports family.  We are a Boulder, Colorado based company focussed soley on importing high quality Chinese tea at an affordable price.

Our Team

Dylan Rothenberg

Dylan originally went to China as a Boren Scholar to study Chinese, and ended-up living and working in the famous Tea Markets of Gungzhou where he learned to source tea for a European premium tea distributor.  After becoming fluent in Chinese and developing relationships with numerous suppliers, Dylan realized there was an opportunity use these skills to bring Premium Chinese tea to the US. 



Professor Zhang Lingyun

Professor Zhang is an associate professor of tea studies at China’s most prestigious agricultural university, Huanan Agricultural University in Guangzhou.  Professor Zhang is a world-renowned expert in the fields of modern tea production practices and development of organic farming techniques.  Professor Zhang is currently a visiting professor at Harvard University.  Professor Zhang serves as a consultant to Wu Mountain Tea helping us select and test our organic tea products.


Michal Butor

Michal has been living and working in China’s southern tea farming region for over fifteen years.  Michal specializes in purveying rare ancient tree Puer Tea, which he sells in his home country of Slovakia. Michal also guides tea tourism trips, which take westerners throughout China’s most famous tea production regions.  Michal works for Wu Mountain Tea helping us to find rare and special tea products which are not typically found in the U.S. market.


About Wu Mountain Tea Wu Mountain Tea does three things: 1. It tracks the progress of an adventure into the world of Chinese tea. 2. It shares interesting information about tea (on history, science, culture, etc.). 3. It sells a bi-annual tea subscription.  I’ll elaborate on those. 

What is the tea adventure? As a fluent speaker of mandarin Chinese, I live at an agricultural university in China as a graduate student in Tea Science. I am the only American at my school of 35,000 Chinese students. I spend my weekdays in the bustling metropolis of Guangzhou, China taking Tea Science classes (biochemistry of tea, tea tree cultivation, tea tasting, tea processing, tea art/culture, etc.), conducting tea-related lab research, reading tea books, drinking tea, writing about tea, etc.

On weekends, I go out to tea farms to spend time with farmers, get first-hand education, and enjoy life outside the city. My thesis topic about organic tea cultivation requires me to interview tea farmers, which means I spend a lot of time sitting around the tea table chatting with farmers. These are kind-hearted, genuine, and hard-working people. I spend 2-3 days per week living with them and their families, processing tea alongside them, and experiencing the rhythm of their life. These are processes that enhance my tea education in ways entirely different than time in the classroom.

My subject, Tea Science, is a very small major within the college of horticulture at a my University. My supervising professor, Dr. Zhang Lingyun, was the third ever Tea Science PH.D. in China, author of several books on tea, former visiting professor at Harvard, and among the most knowledgeable tea experts on earth. What makes my experience in studying tea unique and interesting is that Dr. Zhang guides me to people and places that I would never otherwise encounter. He is one of the most experienced and well-connected people in the Chinese tea world, and the two of us are… we’re homies. Together, he and I conduct field research, take consulting trips, process premium tea, drink with the locals (both tea and liquor), and engage in other unique, sometimes strange experiences. Wu Mountain Tea is my attempt to document these unique, bizarre, enlightening, ocassionally WTF moments. 

Wu Mountain Tea’s second goal is to share information about tea. I enroll in or audit all of the Tea Science classes I can, collect data for journal publications, and regularly conduct tea-related lab experiments with my professors and classmates. Through these activities, I encounter a lot of data on tea that I try to bundle up and summarize for education purposes. Whether it’s translating pieces of Tea Science textbooks into English, summarizing lectures, or sharing some of my own academic research, I do my best to use Wu Mountain Tea as a platform to disseminate knowledge on tea. 

Goal number three - sell world-class tea. Wu Mountain Tea offers a bi-annual tea subscription service that sends rare and exquisite loose-leaf tea to your doorstep twice a year. The first shipment comes around late May after the Spring harvest, and second comes in November after the Autumn harvest. The Spring harvest package mostly consists of fresh green and white teas that are commonly drank in Summer because they help keep body temperature low. Conversely, the Autumn harvest package is going to be more black and dark teas, which are famous for keeping the body warm in Winter.  Some of the teas in the subscription boxes will be crowd favorites, while others will be one-of-a-kind rarities that you may have never heard of. The benefit of a subscription box is that we don’t have to stick to one tea type. We seek out what tea is particularly fresh during that seasonal harvest. Varying seasonal weather conditions mean that the most savory Spring harvest green tea, or the most fragrant Autumn oolong may come from a different terroir every year. Our job is to assemble these fine teas into a premium selection.

As a bonus, I will be incorporating footage, images, and other media from the farms we source these teas from onto the Wu website. This way you will be able to see exactly where the teas in your subscription box are coming from. Through interesting media content, informative write-ups, and world-class seasonal tea offerings, Wu Mountain Tea provides an entirely unique experience in tea connoisseurship. Come oolong for the ride!


My personal guarantee: 

- I will always provide high quality, high purity loose-leaf tea at a fair price. 

- You will notice benefits to your health and happiness by finding time for tea at least once a day 

- My pictures and video content will make you laugh OR teach you something cool about tea. 


Adventure, Knowledge, and Premium Product.


- Dylan Rothenberg, Founder of Wu Mountain Tea