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Traditional Chinese wisdom attests that 5 years-aged White Tea is a treasure, while 7 years-aged White Tea is medicine (the saying also rhymes in Chinese, making it considerably catchier). To this day, the metabolic profile of aged White Tea remains an active area of research. So far, we know that one important factor in White Tea transformation with age comes from its craftsmanship, a process that excludes high-heat enzymatic fixing. With a small amount of enzymatic activity preserved, White Tea sees the slow accumulation of unique and beneficial tea leaf phytonutrients over time. In 2015, with the hopes of offering our own aged White Tea someday, we set aside a limited quantity of that years Silver Needle White Tea for storage in a cool, dark and dry environment. From there, we let nature take its course. In 2020, the same Silver Needle White Tea remains two years shy of ‘medicine’ status in the eyes of traditional Chinese, but makes the cut as a bona fide ‘treasure’. Aside from health benefits including cardioprotective, anti-diabetic and neuroprotective, much of the treasured value of aged White Tea derives from its unique flavor profile. The engine of continuous metabolic change creates not only healthful compounds, but uniquely flavorful ones too. At the time of storage in 2015, our Silver Needle White Tea brewed an infusion that was bright, brisk, and slightly tannic, a taste profile which over the years has matured into a richer, smoother and more mellow composition. Newly formed aroma notes of molasses and Maplewood have begun to replace the heady honeysuckle tang of the tea’s formative years. Overall, this Wu Mountain Exclusive offering is a unique treat to share with fellow tea lovers over the months and years to come. For more detailed information on White Tea, including production techniques and health benefits, check out our three-part blog series on the topic here.



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