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Referred to in ancient times as "The King’s Tea." For centuries in China, Oolong Ginseng was used by the royal class as a beauty tea, as the rich profile of bioactive compounds was found to improve skin health and regulate the waistline. Beyond just the ‘beautifying’ effects of Oolong tea, Asian Ginseng is among the most world-renowned herbal medicines and certified superfoods, recently being confirmed by modern science to play a tremendous role in boosting immunity against bacterial and viral infections.  Wu Mountain’s Ginseng Oolong is made with high-grade Fujian Oolong leaves as starting material, which are then lightly coated with fine-grained powdered ginseng root. The resulting elixir is rich and earthy, with a famously smooth and honey-sweet aftertaste that lingers on the tongue ‘til kingdom come. Ginseng Oolong is sold by the ¼ lb (227 grams), enough loose tea for 2-3 months of daily intake. As modern times has reminded us once again that health is wealth, Ginseng Oolong reemerges to provide drinkers a new royal luxury – an immune system that stays ready for anything.

Our Ginseng Oolong is EU Certified, assuring absolute product purity and safety.

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