Milky Oolong

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Milky Oolong takes creamy undertones to a whole new level. In the crafting of it's characteristic flavor, natural cream and butter aroma notes of high-grade Oolong tea leaves are accentuated and emboldened through a careful process that uses steam from warmed cream to lightly scent the leaves. Then, a slow roasting process finalizes aroma formation as the scented steam is allowed to fully bake into the Oolong leaves and form a unified and balanced aroma profile. Infused at 180-195°F, Milky Oolong aroma resembles that of warm buttered popcorn, with full-depth flavor lasting well into the third and fourth re-infusions. Our Milky Oolong is EU Certified, assuring absolute product purity and safety.

Note: This product contains no milk or dairy.

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