2020 Spring Selection Sampler Pack

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84 in stock

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While Spring 2020 may not have been an ideal time for many people, things were business as usual on the tea farm. The four first-flush Spring teas comprising our 2020 sampler embody the classic characteristics of top grade first-flush tea – refreshing and multi-layered aroma, with a bold, full-bodied and savory taste, accompanied by a long, honey-sweet finish. The Spring 2020 selections include Yunnan Moonlight White TeaDragonwell Green TeaChampagne Black Tea (Professor’s Pick), and Ducksh*t Oolong. The Spring sampler is a cost-effective way to taste test multiple premium first-flush teas without investing too much in any single selection. Take some time to sample some of this year's top crop before deciding which one might merit a larger buy. The Spring Sampler was compiled with the tea connoisseur in mind, but any and all drinkers can appreciate the symphony of fresh flavor on offer with first-flush tea.

Quantities: 7 grams for Moonlight White Tea and 10 grams for the remaining offerings.

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