Sugarcane Dancong

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The original name for this Dancong Oolong varietal is “Lei Kou Chai,” a name that numerous discussions with local producers failed to provide a meaning for. So, we chose the name ‘Sugarcane’ Dancong based on the distinctive aroma characteristic of this unique Oolong varietal – cane sugar. Sweet like no other, Sugarcane Dancong aroma lies somewhere between honeydew and cotton candy, but with a taste profile like that of a top-tier first-flush Dancong tea – full-bodied and piquant. WMT’s Sugarcane Dancong was grown and crafted at the high-altitude and certified organic farm of Wu Mountain friend and partner, Shuwei. Wu Mountain’s founder spent the summer living on Shuwei’s farm studying organic tea cultivation and Oolong production, which culminated in the selection of Sugarcane Dancong as one of four Dancong Oolongs to be listed in the WMT shop (the other three include Duck***t, White Leaf and Yellow Branch). Appease your doctor and your sweet-tooth with a fragrant treat that's rich in antioxidants and naturally sugar-free. 

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