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White Leaf Dancong, or Mi Lan Xiang, shares center stage with Duck***t Dancong as the famous Oolongs of Chaozhou. Among locals there, the birthplace of Dancong Oolong tea, this widely cultivated tea varietal is called “Bai Ye,” which means White Leaf. However the locals decided years ago that this name wasn’t catchy enough and renamed the strain “Mi Lan Xiang,” or “Orchid Blossom” instead. After a long summer 2020 producing Dancong tea alongside the locals in Chaozhou, Wu Mountain founder ultimately decided that ‘White Leaf’ is actually a fine enough name for this cultivar, and that it’s unique aroma and taste attributes don’t need any pretty re-branding. Defining aroma traits of White Leaf Dancong are green, floral and tallow, which come together to resemble the profile of a warmed extra virgin olive oil (we toyed with the name ‘virgin leaf’ but it didn’t stick). White Leaf Dancong was grown at high altitude on the certified-organic farm of Wu Mountain partner, friend and mentor, Shuwei. Shuwei’s organic tea farm was home to WMT founder for the summer 2020, where Shuwei instructed on organic cultivation and traditional Dancong production techniques. By September, a long Summer of tea tasting and sampling culminated in the selection of White Leaf and three more organic Dancongs for listing in the Wu Mountain Shop (the others frontrunners include Duck***t, Sugarcane, and Yellow Branch Dancongs).

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