Yunnan Moonlight White Tea


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‘Moonlight’ White Tea refers to high-grade white tea crafted from Yunnan large-leaf tea cultivars. An innate characteristic of large-leaf tea cultivars is the abundance of little hairs on the shoots and leaves. White tea craftsmanship involves a prolonged leaf withering process causing these tea leaf hairs to turn white/grey, while the backdrop color of the leaf itself turns a darker green or black. The resulting black/white contrast gave birth to the name ‘Moonlight’ White Tea. A first-flush Spring 2020 selection, this tea has a rich, full-bodied flavor and a long-lasting molasses finish. The aroma is robustly floral with notes of maple and honeydew. Our Moonlight White Tea has been specially pressed into limited edition 100g cakes, making it ideal for storage and aging, gifting, or travel. This selection is USDA-certified organic, the highest tier of quality assurance concerning consumer and environmental safety. For more detailed information on White Tea, including production techniques and health benefits, check out our three-part blog series on the topic here.

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