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Yunnan Province of Southwest China stands apart from other regions as a unique and exceptional region for tea cultivation. This Yunnan border region separates China from neighboring southeast Asian states, and is an important evolutionary birthplace of the Camellia Sinensis species (the tea plant). In Yunnan, there are old-growth forests with tea trees that are several hundred years of age, a fact embodied by our Old-Arbor Yunnan Gold. Moreover, native large-leaf strains are particularly abundant in polyphenols, amino acids, and caffeine, flavor compounds that coalesce in White Tea production to form the savory and honey-sweet profile of our Yunnan Moonlight White Tea. Finally, a keystone tea type of the Yunnan region is most certainly Puer. Wu Mountain’s Imperial Grade Organic Puer is an ideal offering to showcase the distinctive attributes of high-grade Ripe Puer Tea; intensely dark yet luminous soup with a vibrant amber tinge, silky smooth mouthfeel and bold aroma notes of wood and chocolate. Together, these three Yunnan-sourced selections showcase the tip of the iceberg as to the cornucopia of top-tier teas cultivated and crafted in Yunnan Province. For our detailed first-hand account of travels through the Nannuo Shan tea terroir in Yunnan, check out the two-part blog on the topic here.

Quantities of tea in the sampler pack are as follows: Moonlight White Tea - 7g, Yunnan Gold - 10g, Puer - 20g.


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