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Dylan is passionate about sourcing premium organic tea and sharing his expertise about the world of tea

Professional tea sourcing and tea education infused in your business

Wu Mountain Tea provides a broad range of consulting and educational services, including in-person tea tastings, tea sommelier training, tea menu design, wholesale tea purchasing, and more.


Dylan is passionate about sourcing premium organic tea and sharing his expertise about the world of tea


Sourcing organic Chinese Tea

We have helped some of the largest tea brands in Europe and the United States source their premium organic teas.


Tea Culture

We conduct tea tastings and tea training as a novel way to team-build and enhance corporate culture that can also help our partners to build bridges with East Asian clientele.


Tea Sommelier Training

We provide hands-on training for cafes, herbal apothecaries, and others seeking to become more knowledgeable about tea to better serve their tea customers.


Tea Menu Design

Why should a fine dining establishment settle for a mediocre tea menu? Our process of tea menu curation has helped Michelin-rated restaurants upgrade their loose-leaf tea offerings to be on par with their outstanding food and beverage menus.

Wholesale Partnership

We are proud to work with a growing number of cafes, tea shops, and herbal apothecaries across the United States and Europe. In addition to providing premium organic teas at a fair price, our team conducts regular training sessions for partner employees and staff, as well as public tea tastings to help promote the product to local clientele. In addition, WMT is dedicated to consistent high-quality content creation for major social media platforms.

Our tea products bring along with them engaging origin stories, detailed analysis on flavor attributes and health effects, and a sizable body of photo and video material taken from their source, all of which we use to explore interesting tea-related topics with our followers, and encourage our partners to utilize as well to market their product. We proudly list wholesale partners on our website and promote their content across our own platforms (unless otherwise directed), helping spread the word to tea aficionados in your area. Partnering with Wu Mountain Tea is more than gaining access to premium tea – it’s an investment in your company brand, marketing goals, and human capital.

Note: Due to the personalized nature of our relationships with wholesale partners, we only partner with a single business within its immediate town or city. The following municipalities already have partnership programs existing with Wu Mountain Tea: Boulder, CO. Bozeman, MT. Laguna Beach, CA. Clayton, NY. London, UK.

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“Extremely knowledgable and a pleasure to work with“

Rebecca Wasserman

Rebecca’s Herbal Apothecary in Boulder, Colorado