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Austin Amory is an up-and-coming artist trained in the craftsmanship of pottery and ceramic tea wares. As of November 2020, Austin has teamed up with Wu Mountain Tea to offer a line of premium handmade Matcha bowls, aimed at providing the ultimate Ceremonial experience to Wu Mountain Matcha drinkers. If you’re new to Matcha prep, don’t fret – WMT has a comprehensive Matcha tutorial video in production currently that will be available by March 2021. More than ideal tools for ceremonial Matcha prep, Austin’s handcrafted Matcha bowls second as vessels for loose-leaf tea infusion in a practice commonly referred to as “bowl tea,” simply meaning the infusion of loose-leaf tealeaves in nothing more than a hand-held bowl. Bowl tea is an ancient tea consumption practice that has regained popularity in recent years among mindfulness-centered tea drinking communities, as the practice brings utmost simplicity to the relationship between tea and tea recipient. Austin’s 2020 product line includes three design patterns, Oval, Chipped and Wobbled, and two colors, spearmint and redwood. Whether you’re intent on supporting a young and talented artist, or simply elevating your Matcha game to the next level, Austin and Wu have you covered with this one-of-a-kind tea accoutrement.

Make sure to check out Austin's impressive Instagram portfolio @Austin.Amory.Ceramics

Note: Supply is limited on the 2020 line – only 21 units were made in total !


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