Dragonwell Green Tea (First Flush)

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Dragonwell Green Tea is commonly called the king of green teas, an appellation that dates back centuries. This tea embodies characteristic ‘wok-fired’ craftsmanship; thin flattened yellow-green blades, and rich, nutty and toasted chestnut aroma. A first-flush Spring tea, this Dragonwell selection boasts a taste profile that is uniquely umami, subtly sweet, and abundant in polyphenol antioxidants that provide health benefits in addition to a well-balanced taste profile. Dragonwell is grown and produced in the area surrounding Hangzhou, China, home to the alma mater of Wu Mountain mentor, Dr. Zhang (the mastermind behind our ‘Professor’s Pick’ Champagne Black Tea). As such, we keep close ties with the area’s renowned farms and tea masters, allowing us first access to first-flush batches of Dragonwell each Spring. This Green Tea is a versatile product that can be brewed conveniently in a glass cup with hot water, or cold-brewed overnight to enjoy as a refresher on hot afternoons. For a more in-depth look at Green Tea chemistry and how it relates to flavor formation, you can check out our blog post on that topic here

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