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Pardon the French. The origin story of Ducksh*t Oolong takes place centuries ago in Eastern Guangdong Province, China, where an opportune tea farmer happened upon a uniquely fragrant and flavorful variety of tea growing in the wild. In an effort to keep his discovery under wraps and prevent competing tea growers from propagating his strain, the farmer reported that the aroma of his newfound variety smelled like... sh*t (duckshi*t to be precise). Well, unfortunately for the vulgar tea producer, word got out about his discovery, and nowadays this treasured oolong variety can be found on connoisseur menus around the globe. Rather inconsistent with its name, Duckshi*t Oolong aroma is pleasantly floral, like honeysuckle and Osmanthus flower, with milky-sweet and creamy undertones. Our DS Oolong offering is a first flush Spring 2020 selection, possessing a full-bodied, boldly savory taste, and long-lasting honey-sweet finish. The tea leaves are crafted in the traditional Chaozhou Dancong style under the direction of a lifelong Oolong tea master. Plants cultivated for DS Oolong are certified organic, guaranteeing utmost product purity. Never judge a tea by its title – DS Oolong is a great choice for any oolong aficionado. 


Note: This listing includes Duck***t Oolong from two different organic tea farms. Although the cultivar is identical, the two teas result from ever-so slightly different production techniques and microclimates. The sample pack and 50 gram bags hail from the Wudong region, famous for it’s high misty peaks, while the 100 gram bag is a product of Pheonix Mountain, Chaozhou, the traditional birthplace of Dancong craftsmanship. The latter farm is the same that produces our Yellow Branch, White Leaf and Sugarcane teas. We carry two Duck***t Dancongs because we feel it provides a good opportunity to hone ones tea tasting skills through the comparison of identical strains from two different environments. The similarity you taste between the two DS Dancongs represents intrinsic traits of the DS cultivar, while the subtle differences you may find will indicate the variations brought about by technique and microclimate.


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