Wu Mountain Premium Tea Sampler Pack

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A sampler pack comprising all 7 gems on the Wu Mountain menu; Dragonwell Green Tea, Moonlight White Tea, Champagne Black (Professor’s Pick), Ducksh*t Oolong, Old-Arbor Yunnan Gold, Organic Ripe Puer, and Organic Matcha Powder. If Wu Mountain Tea has piqued your interest, yet you remain uncertain which tea type might best suit your palette, here is a chance to sample everything we have without investing too much in any one selection. As a whole, the WMT Premium Sampler touches multiple major flavor profiles on offer in the world of premium tea. More than that, each of the seven tea offerings exemplifies the top of its class regarding cultivation and craftsmanship practices specific to its unique premium tea subset. Whether it’s our Dragonwell Green Tea, Moonlight White Tea or Old-Arbor Yunnan Gold, each offering stands as the final candidate of a multi-year assessment that compared tens or hundreds of similarly categorized but not all equally outstanding candidates. The Premium Sampler is ideal for tea drinkers that are open to a range of flavor profiles, or curious about the WMT brand or premium tea in general. The sample size for each tea type is 10 grams (except for White Tea (7g) and Puer (20g)) – enough to provide a few bold infusions and a comprehensive introduction of each offering on our menu. This is our most recommended product for any first-time Wu Mountain buyer or general newcomer to the world of premium tea. 

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Weight 100 g
Dimensions 30 × 30 × 30 cm


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