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Matcha is a matchless tea type that represents a unique flavor, history, cultivation technique, craftsmanship, and collection of health benefits than any other tea product. At its core, matcha is the powdered product of crushed green tea leaves, typically consumed after whisking into hot water or blending with another medium. Matcha entails ingesting of the whole tea leaf, rather than merely its water-soluble contents, a critical fact in understanding how this tea is cultivated and consumed. The reason we don’t normally consume the whole tea leaf is that its too bitter. Therefore, in cultivating matcha tea plants, knowing that we will be consuming the leaf whole, we do everything in our power to lessen the naturally bitter compounds in the leaf, while also aiming to increase the naturally sweet and savory elements. To achieve this goal, we grow matcha plants in the shade, because sunlight drives the development of bitter tea compounds. Following cultivation in the shade, tender tea shoots are plucked, processed into green tea, then stone-ground and sieved into an ultra-fine powder. The defining quality characteristics of Wu Mountain’s Ceremonial Grade Matcha are the presence of savory, absence of bitterness, vibrant leaf color, emerald-green soup, and good capacity for dissolution into water when whisked, indicating a lack of stems and old leaves. Not just packed with flavor, Matcha contains healthful phytonutrients that other teas lack, like fiber, vitamin C, chlorophyll, and a diverse array of polyphenol antioxidants, collectively endowing Matcha with certified superfood status. Last but not least, our Matcha is USDA-certified organic, the highest international standard of food safety and product sustainability. This Matcha meets the requisites on any connoisseur checklist, and at a price that affords the gift of good health and great flavor to anyone.

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