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Ripe Puer Tea is a black sheep among teas, with an appearance and flavor profile that makes you wonder how it could have started life as a green tea. The creation of Ripe Puer from green tea, like many of mother nature’s delightful creations, is mediated by microbes. A natural fermentation process lasting 4-8 weeks is utilized to transform parent material (standard green tea) into an utterly unique product of tea ingenuity. Ripe Puer is jet-black in soup color, silky-smooth on the palate, and renowned for its full-bodied aromas of warm cocoa and Cherrywood. At first glance, Ripe Puer appears to have more in common with coffee than with other teas. However, research is showing that at least one considerable commonality exists between Puer and its less-fermented relatives; an abundance of unique benefits to human health. More than other tea types, Ripe Puer Tea has shown promising results in the domain of cholesterol and blood lipid management, with several studies showing the capacity of Ripe Puer Tea to lower LDL cholesterol and reduce inflammation. More than heart-healthy, Wu Mountain’s Ripe Puer offering is Imperial Grade, the highest tier of Puer produced, crafted using only the top bud and two leaves of the shoot. Finally, this is a USDA-certified organic tea, which is not common among premium Ripe Puer teas, as the fermentation process involved in Puer production often fails to meet rigorous USDA standards. Whether you’re looking for a healthier alternative to that bold cup of coffee, or just trying to explore a full spectrum of flavors on offer in the world of premium tea, you can’t go wrong with WMT’s Imperial Grade Organic Puer.


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  1. Emily (verified owner)

    I am amazed to have found this Shu Puer, which is even better than many of the ones I tasted in China. The leaves are quite tiny because they are from tender buds, indicating the tea’s super grade. I detect a fresh walnut note from this tea, and it is definitely a good treat for the evening after dinner! This is a must-buy item!

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