Yellow Branch Dancong

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Though not particularly more yellow or branch-like than other Dancong Oolongs, Yellow Branch Dancong (or Huang Zhi Xiang) does embody a few distinguishing traits that set it apart from it’s Dancong cousins. In terms of aroma, Yellow Branch resembles most closely the meaty properties of a Duck***t Dancong, however Yellow Branch brings an extra element of juicy fruitiness to the table. As a Spring 2020 tea, savory compounds are plentiful, combining with the meaty properties of Yellow Branch aroma to create a rich, balanced and mouth-watering selection. Wu Mountain’s Yellow Branch offering hails from the high-altitude and certified organic farm of Wu Mountain friend and partner, Shuwei. Wu Mountain’s founder spent the summer living on Shuwei’s farm studying organic tea cultivation and Oolong production. Come early September, this years Yellow Branch was among the four Dancong Oolongs selected following a long summer of tasting and sampling (the other three include Duck***t, White Leaf and Sugarcane Dancongs).

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