2022 Lao Man E Raw Puer Tea (200g Cake)


What and Where is Lao Man E?

Pu-erh tea is generally named after the village it comes from. Lao Man E is one of the five famous ancient tea gardens of the Bulang tea region, together with Lao Ban Zhang, Xin Ban Zhang, Baka Long, and Baka Nan Villages. Lao Man E is situated in the central area of the Bulang Mountain range in Menghai County. It covers an area of 6800 hectares, 200 of which are ancient tea gardens that have been passed down generationally for nearly two millennia.

Since the beginning of the Pu-erh boom, the locals have become increasingly meticulous in protecting the local tea gardens. They have established rules to maintain the ecological environment of the tea gardens, prohibiting the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides, thereby ensuring the quality of the tea leaves.

Compared to it’s famous neighbor, Lao Ban Zhang, Lao Man E has a slightly lower altitude, higher temperatures, and a more humid climate throughout the year. Lao Man E has an average elevation of 1,650 meters, average annual temperature ranging from 18 to 21 degrees Celsius (64 to 70 F), and annual rainfall of approximately 1,372 millimeters. These factors make it an ideal climate for tea cultivation. To many Pu-erh tea aficionados, a high-grade Bulang Raw Pu-erh is among the best you can find.

What Makes Lao Man E Unique?

Within the Bulang tea region, it is Lao Ban Zhang and Lao Man E villages that may be most distinct in terms of tea. Most notably, Lao Man E tea is known for its pronounced bitterness, which has earned it a reputation in the tea world.

This bitterness is not a flaw of the tea, however, but rather its most appealing aspect.

Regarding the bitter nature of Lao Man E

In China, it’s said that only experienced tea connoisseurs can fully appreciate Lao Man E, while newcomers are advised to gradually work up to it.

This is because seasoned Pu-erh people are relatively accustomed to bitterness, while some even feel that Pu-erh tea isn't authentic without a certain degree of bitterness. Indeed, it is this particular bitterness that gives Lao Man E its distinctive character compared to other tea mountains. Consequently, more and more people have come to appreciate this rich and intense bitterness, and Lao Man E has gradually become a sought-after tea among tea enthusiasts. The distinct and enjoyable properties of Lao Man E bitterness is as follows;

First, although Lao Man E is bitter, it is not excessive, and remains balanced with a sweet aftertaste. Upon drinking Lao Man E tea, its initial bitterness relatively quickly transforms into a long-lasting cooling sweetness that coats the mouth and throat. If the tea merely presents as bitter without transforming, it’s not an authentic Lao Man E tea.

Moreover, the bitterness of Lao Man E exhibits a pure and straightforward character. In an almost zen-like way, the bitterness of Lao Man E tea is the purest and clearest essence of bitter. It is thick, powerful, and strikes the tongue with intensity and rapidity. Soon thereafter, though, a prominent contrast is felt as the initial bitterness gives way to sweetness.

Other Tasting Notes

Lao Man E's outstanding features include a robust tea aroma, a lingering sensation in the throat, and a pronounced sweetness in the aftertaste. The dry leaves of Lao Man E are plump, dense, and tightly rolled. The infusion produces a vibrant golden and translucent liquor. The taste is intense and robust, while the leaves are highly durable, remaining flavorful through 10+ infusions. While the initial taste is bitter, it quickly transforms, resulting in a complex and deeply satisfying aftertaste.

In summary, the characteristics of Lao Man E's ancient tree tea is as follows:

  1. Thick, dense, and tippy leaves with a vibrant appearance.
  2. Radiant golden liquor.
  3. Bitter up front, with bitterness fading and giving way to sweetness. After 5-7 infusions, a refreshing sensation and pleasant aftertaste emerge more prominently.
  4. Strong tea aroma, cold nature, and a smooth mouthfeel after ten infusions, making it highly suitable for prolonged sessions.



Lao Man E (Dylan speaking here) is my favorite tea on earth. It is your tea head’s favorite tea. It is the embodiment of Bulang tea and the robust Menghai flavor. It competes with Ban Zhang, but for a fraction of the price. A must-try tea for any Sheng junkie.

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