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A unique black tea offering sourced selectively from an old-growth forest in Southwest Yunnan, the evolutionary birthplace of the tea plant itself. Tea trees cultivated for Old-Arbor Yunnan Gold are well over 100 years of age, and possess deep roots, large frames and hearty leaves and shoots. Over the years, these centenarian plants have developed increasingly unique and complex metabolic profiles, producing leaves that embody a richer, thicker, and more distinctive flavor profile. The creation of Old-Arbor Yunnan Gold employs the time-tested sun-drying method, allowing for the formation of more mellow taste and bolder fruit aromas. Combined with the naturally nutrient-rich old tree material, Yunnan Gold craftsmanship shapes a wild-grown plant medicinal into a fragrant and flavorful health-beverage. For those seeking to taste Black Tea in its most innate and essential form, Old-Arbor Yunnan Gold tops the list.


For our vivid first-hand account of a memorable 2017 visit to Nannuo Shan, an old-growth forest tea terroir in Yunnan, check out our two-part blog recounting the epic experience here.


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2 reviews for Old-Arbor Yunnan Gold

  1. Martin Applebaum

    I just had my first tasting of Old-Arbour Yunnan Gold. A long-time tea drinker, I must say I’m blown away. Taste is hard to put into words (what does an orange taste like?), so I’ll resort to a metaphor. Have you ever had a treasured object, such as pearl, which when worn against the skin, gains a deep, mellow patina, still a pure fresh glory? Well, this tea has such a rich, ancient, mellow old growth taste, yet somehow bringing out all the flowerings of the terrain alive right now. It is quite a trick. I would say more, but I want to re-enter the depths of the landscape to commune with it a little while longer . . .

  2. Jenni (verified owner)

    Holy moly! This tea is AMAZING! It’s delicious as milk tea (some hate on it but I love milk in my black tea :)) and it’s delicious as iced tea! Just all around a winner!!

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